Actors and Others for Animals was founded by Richard and Diana Basehart in 1971 to promote the humane treatment of animals. Their outrage at the cruelties and degradation suffered by animals prompted them to gather together fellow actors and other members of the community to stop such inhumane treatment. Another cause that was shared by the Baseharts was the condition and treatment of senior citizens. They appreciated that both animals and the elderly were very often unwanted and outcasts. Actors and Others for Animals has always shared the Baseharts' concern for our older citizens.

Shortly after Richard's death in 1984, Diana established The Richard Basehart Fund to help seniors and their pets. Donations made to The Richard Basehart Fund will be used to help seniors with such things as spay/neuter surgeries, emergency veterinary medical care and food distribution. In addition, Actors and Others' Pet Assisted Therapy Program brings animals into convalescent hospitals for weekly visits as a welcome diversion from routine, pain, depression and illness.

Often the only warm body a senior has to cuddle is a pet. Diana Basehart and The Richard Basehart Fund are working hard to keep them together.

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