The author of the following is the famous Scripps-Howard columnist and magazine writer, here for the "Repeat Performance" premiere tonight. Three weeks ago, he wrote the leading article in Collier's magazine.


They're raising such a rumpus over Dick Basehart that it's hard for a newcomer to see much of Zanesville as it would normally appear. However, from what I've seen of your city-- behind the Hollywood hoopla--it must be a wonderful place to live.

Especially in the good department. That dinner they gave us out at Headley's last night was one of the high spots in my eating life--and having a novelist of Louis Bromfield's caliber to dish out the vittles lent a little added spice.

I think your man Basehart is going to travel fast in the picture business. Ordinarily I don't cotton too much to actors, but Dick is unusual in the guild. If his screen personality is half as pleasant as his everyday manner, he's a cinch. One thing about Basehart, he'll never have to worry about that occupational disease known as "actor's head." There isn't sufficient sham in Hollywood to infect him.

It's easy to see how Zanesville can be proud of the young man. The Critic's Award he received for his performance in "The Hasty Heart" is a very precious commodity in my home town, New York. It isn't given lightly.

Seems to me Richard Basehart has a long and famous future in the movie business, and I'll bet this isn't the last big hello that his hometown will hand him. You'll probably be throwing a Basehart Day twice a year.

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