By Clair C. Stebbins

Whether "Repeat Performance" was good or bad I am not in a position to say with any degree of accuracy.

I am a Dick Basehart fan and thus not qualified to pass fair judgement on the movie which was offered here last night amid much hoopla and fanfare.

However, it was the consensus among those whom I met after the show that the story was not altogether appealing but that Basehart did a surprisingly fine job of acting.

Highly melodramatic, the story gave the young Zanesville star many opportunities to display his skill. He reached his peak in an emotional scene in an insane asylum.

Basehart's ease in handling his role came as no surprise. When he arrived here early this week for the premiere celebration it was obvious that he had acquired the poise and charm that seem to be the hallmark of capability.

Basehart, I think, is off to a fast start in the movies. It will be interesting to observe his program.

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