Members of the St. Thomas high school graduating class of 1933, of which Dick Basehart was president, are pictured above with a photograph of the school inset. A majority of the members were present at the hotel Zane, Tuesday night to welcome their now-famous class-mate.

St. Thomas as it looks today. It is now a grade school.

Members of Dick Basehart's class at St. Thomas high school are among the proud close friends of the actor who are happy over the success that has been his on the New York stage and in Hollywood. They met him at a reception at the Zane Tuesday night.

Dick was president of the class, as the result of which he was placed at the upper lefthand corner of the official class picture above which was loaned to The Signal by Mrs. Robert Morgan of Pallas Avenue.

Mrs. Morgan has also supplied the following up to date information on members of the class:

J. Richard Basehart, president, famous actor, now of Hollywood, Calif.; Mary J. Dutro (now Mrs. George Russell), secretary of the class; Mary E. Whikehart (Mrs. Ray Norris) treasurer; Amata Roll (Mrs. James Bauermeister), Columbus; Virginia McCarty, now a nurse at Barnes hospital, St Louis; Betty hDowel, address unknown; J. Robert Merry (Zanesville attorney); Richard Synan, now with the U.S. Army stationed in Kansas; Regina Green (Mrs. James Turner) of Iowa; Eleanor Kincade (Mrs. Wittekind); Dorothea Coyle, Milwaukee, Wis.; Virginia Speed, (Mrs. Elmer Lynn); Rober Long (Mary Louise Adrian); Ruthe Imlay (Mrs. Charles Wilson); Marcia Gribbin, a telephone operator; Joseph Tansury

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