In this section I hope to collect memories, stories and anecdotes about Richard Basehart from his family, friends and fans.

Memories OF A Fan

This is the account of a fan meeting Richard in the early 60's.

I first became aware that this wonderful person existed when I saw He Walked By Night. It had to be around 1948. I was twelve years old.

From that day on I was totally hooked. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about him. He was so special! I felt I struck gold when a "Popular Movie" magazine of that era featured a 3-page spread about him, which also included pictures of his wife (Stephanie Klein). The event was a parade given for him by his home town of Zanesville, Ohio.

About 12 years from the day I first saw him on the big screen, I actually met him. My dad spotted a blurb in the local newspaper. They were filming The Paradine Case and they were rehearsing not far from where we lived in Brooklyn, New York! The movie starred Richard Basehart, Boris Karloff and (I think) Viveca Lindfords.

We decided to try to catch him after a rehearsal (my brother and father came with me for moral support.) It was a cold night in March. We took the bus to this warehouse. We werenít able to get in, but a security guard was kind enough to let me listen through the door. I put my ear to the door - and I heard that wonderful voice!! He should have received awards for his voice.

Then the guard said they would be finished shortly, so we went back to the front of the building. The door opened - and out he came. He was wearing a camel-hair coat, his hands plunged into his pockets as he came quickly down the stairs. I froze - I could not move. My dad was behind me and he gave me a little push. "Go ahead," he whispered. Thatís what I needed - that little push - otherwise I would still be standing there!

"May I have your autograph?" I asked.

"Surely," he replied.

My brother had pad and pen, and gave it to him. I gazed at Richard Basehart, debating what to say. As I was gazing up at his hair (definitely a strawberry blond), I said, "Iíve been in love with you since I was 12."

He smiled. "That wasnít such a long time ago, now, was it," he said, and handed me his autograph.

Then a limo drove up, and he entered it and they drove away.

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