In this section I hope to collect memories, stories and anecdotes about Richard Basehart from his family, friends and fans.

A person who had met Richard Basehart a couple of times on some sets,, comments "Basehart was a cool dude with a great sense of humor. "H___ yes, I'm doing it for the money, but I earn every penny of it. Do you have ANY idea how good an actor you have to be, to look terrified of a wilted sunflower?" He had about ten minutes of really snappy stand-up comedian patter he loved to do for interviewers, on the subjects of Claustrophobia and Fear Of Ever Having To Go Down In A Real Submarine."

He was "a man who was a gentleman with respect for others and for his craft. He was a warm, gentle man who could be caustically witty without hurting anyone's feelings".

"I was briefly on the set of THE TIME TRAVELERS about twenty-five years back, to speak with the gent who was directing. Mr. Basehart was playing a scroungy old country doctor, unshaven, cigar-stogie sticking out of his face, cranky, irascible, unkempt, short-tempered, etc. During a break he commented, and this is pretty close to a quote, "At *last*, a role that's *ME*.. no acting necessary." ( it *was* a joke. I hope. Everyone laughed, anyway. )"

Dick Basehart, a nephew, fondly recalls that his father, Richard Basehart's brother once joked that he thought Dick went into acting because construction work was too hard.

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