I want to thank Casey for letting me put this poem on this site.
It is one way of showing how Richard Basehart could affect
all of us by his performances.

Casey made this comment about the poem which was written after
seeing the movie La Strada for the first time in 1977.

"It's been more than 20 years since I saw the movie. The references
in the attached poem are fuzzy even to me. I still remember, though,
the power of Basehart's character, his portrayal and the overall message
of the movie. "

The Road

The Fool's mask of laughter disguises his pain,
We catch a glimpse through it, then he's hidden again.
Caring heart that must cheerfully challenge the sad,
The truth that you gave us was all that we had.

On the road we meet then pass on our way
The sad ones with no one and nowhere to stay.
We cling to each other for no one else will,
Pathetically wasting but loving still.

The worth of a pebble-the worth of a soul,
The touch of a love you pretend not to know.
A love you left to die in the snow,
By a Fool's hope nurtured and never let go.

An echo of music now haunts your road,
Notes you'd hoped silenced by distance and cold.
She'd loved you freely when no one else would,
Now you'd cling to her deeply if only you could.

The worth of a pebble, the worth of a soul,
A Fool's hope nurtured and never let go.
We cling to each other for no one else will,
The survivor is love, and love there is still.

                                                Love there is still.


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