In this section I hope to collect memories, stories and anecdotes about Richard Basehart from his family, friends and fans.

I received this comment from Yvonne Craig, who was in the episode "Turn Back The Clock"

Dear Stephanie,

I have just recently published a book, "From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond" which contains my recollection of my experiences of doing "Voyage" as well as those of Richard Basehart in particular. That we worked on a high platform is true. That we got drunk to calm our fears is not so. I personally love heights and do not/did not drink. I know Richard suffered from acrophobia and perhaps he drank in this instance. I found him to be a delightful man and an excellent actor. I'm glad you're doing a site devoted to him and his talent.


Yvonne Craig

David Hedison was kind enough to send me this short note.

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