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There wasn't a schoolroom in Zanesville today that didn't boast of at least a dozen autographs of Dick Basehart. The kids of the town have gone completely haywire over their newest idol and could any star--coming up as Dick is today, ask for more than the love and admiration of some 6,000 youngsters!

Little groups stood on street corners this morning and in schol palygrounds, tired and weary after of of the biggest days of their lives. They'd been dismissed early Thursday afternoon, these Zanesville schoolsters, to see the parade and watch the stars go by. Many had had the rare privilege of "staying up late" to attend the premiere showing of "Repeat Performance" but sleepy eyes this morning were quick to brighten when the little before school gabfests began.

Well the pig-tail crowd stayed on--the new drinking fountain at the Zane, installed less than a week ago, got the biggest play it will ever have, and the ones who had remembered to bring extra pennies chewed candy basrs and had another drink!

A couple of oldster jokesters had a field day with "There he comes!" and the herd turned, screamed and was disappointed.

Kids go home when they get hungry, and the dinner hour helped. Others stayed on until after the last of the celebrities had left for the theaters.

Today they're talking it all over as only the grade school gang can talk it. Maggi McNeils' clothes are like the dresses these little gals have been cuttng out for their paper dolls since they were big enough to hold a pair of scissors. The white formal Chili wore Thursday night is just the kind they'll be wearing when imagination runs high, and the way they know they look next time the have " let's dress up" day.

It's been big stuff for the kids, and they'll never forget any of the hulabaloo of the past three days. And if a vote were taken on "Who is your favorite movie star?" 6,000 kids would scribble out "DICK BASEHART."

By the way, whatever became of Van Johnson?

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