Flashing a gracious smile everywhere he went, Dick Basehart, Zanesville's own movie star, captured the hearts of his home town in a series of personal appearances that have kept him on the go almost continuously since his arrival yesterday afternoon.

Before the Retail Merchants association, a baseball crown and in a radio broadcast last night; at Lash high school and the Kiwanis club today, Dick more than lived up to expectations.

A huge crowd is anticipated for tomorrow's big parade, and at the show in front of the liberty theater, startng at 7:45 tomorrow night.

Visiting celebrities, including the movies stars and such famous New York columnists as Earl Wilson, will be introduced to the crowds outside of the theater.

The stage show preceding the screen of "Repeat Performance" will begin at 9:45 and the picture will start one-half hour later. Identical shows are scheduled at the liberty and Weller theaters.

A chartered airliner bringing 18 newspaper, magazine and radio people from New York arrived at the Zanesville airport at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, two hours behind schedule. A layover was required at Pittsburgh because of unfavorable weather.

Hightlights of tonight's public program is the Junior Chamber Of Commerce dance at municipal auditorium, where "Miss Greater Zanesville" will be chosen to compete against contestants from elsewhere in the state for the title of "Miss Repeat Performance".

Proceeds from the dance will go to the Junior Chamber's fund to fight juvenile delinquency in this community.

Basehart, Comedian Benny Rubin and Actresses Chill Williams and Frances Rafferty will attend the dance, wikth the girls accepting dances with highest bidders, the proceeds going to the Jaycee fund.

Doors will open at 9 o'clock, the dance begins at 10 with Johnny Wise and Amby Armhurst's orchestra furnishing music and will last until 2 o'clock. Governor Thomas J. Herbert and his party along with the movie stars, will arrive soon after the party begins.

The beauty contest is scheduled at 11:25.

A private dinner given my members of the "Repeat Performance" steering committee will be held at Headley Inn this evening for Basehart and visitng notables, including promionent newspaper and radio people.

Louis Bromfield, the famous author and E.B. "Butter" Howard of the Headley Inn will don chef's caps and help with the preparation of the tasty menu.


Col. Phil Cochran of Milt Caniff comic strip fame missed the American Airliner bringing newspaper and radio people to Zanesville for the "Repeat Performance" premiere.

It all came about when a plane on which he was enroute to New York, was forced to land at Bridgeport, Conn., because of bad weather. Col. Cochran hoped to reach Zanesville late today, however.

Those aboard the Zanesville bound airliner when it left New York were Shana Agar of the newspaper PM, Jack Alicoata of Eagle-Lion; Doug Anderson of United Press news; Jay Brown, United Press radio; Delores Craig, Crosley Broadcasting company; Richard Conners, Press Association; Jerry Edelbert, New York Daily Mirror, INS and Hearst representative; Inez Gerhardt of Western Newspaper Union; Chester Friedman of Boxoffice; Ken Halpern of the Independent Film Journal; Mel Konecoff, the Exhibitor; Al MOrgan, American Broadcasting Company, Louis Messolonghites, former Zanesvill man, now with King Features Syndicate; Robert C. Ruark, Scripps Howard columnist, and author of magazine articles; Marie Slate, Eagle-Lions films; Lily Supova, New York City Municipal Broadcasting company; Patrece Snyder, author of song, "Repeat Performance" and Earl Wilson, the famous Broadway columnist whose writings appear daily in The Times Recorder.

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