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Virgil Gelormino wrote several poems about his stay at St. Vincent's. It is a telling story. He has given me permission to put links to them here.

Here is the link to his main page. It has links to all his poetry. This encompasses his stay at both At. Anne's until he was 6 and then his stay at St. Vincent's after he turned 6.


His move from St. Anne's to St. Vincents.

These are links to the individual poems concerning his life at St Vincent's. Some of them have the pictures shown on the previous page.

  The Boy's Playground at old St. Vincent's

"The Sliding Board"

The Spring I Learned I Had a Birthday

Such a Face Such a Sky

The Pigeons of St. Vincent's

One of Many Worlds on the Boys' Playground

OTHER WORLDS: The Water Pump

The Swings

The Merry-Go-Round

The Grove

The Middle Area of the Playground

The Northwest Corner of the Playground

The Northeast Corner of the Playground


Jim Berry

The High East Wall in Autumn

Mother Assumpta

The Kitchen Nun

Sister Carista

"The Dormitory Nun"

"Sister Euphemia"

"Sister Euphemia"(Epilogue-Part 1)

"Sister Euphemia" (Epilogue-Part2) Prose-Excerpt)

"The Laundry Nun"

Father Hettinger

Morning Blessing

Joe Joe

Father Mason (Epilogue)

The Orphans' Big Day

The Boy Called Bingo

The Transfer from S.V.O.
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