Zanesville bristled with civic pride today as the big world premiere of "Repeat Performance" drew near.

The weatherman, who has misbehaved so much lately, smiled cooperatively for today's big parade and other festivities. The sky was blue this afternoon as parade time approached.

The city is sliioghtly dizzy already as a rsult of the round of festivities held in connection with the homecoming of Zanesville's Dick Baehart, who shares with Joan Leslie and Louis Hayward, top billing in the Eagle-Lion film which will have its first showing at the Liberty and Weller theaters tonight.

The stage program is scheduled to start at 8:45 o'clock in both theaters, and the picture will go on the screen at 9:15.

The city is overflowing with celebrities and newspaper, magazine and radio people who have come from both coasts and as far south as Atlanta, Ga., to witness the spectacular event.

A parade and the selection of "Miss Repeat Performance" were highlights of this afternoon's program, followed by a private reception and a press dinner, the latter to be held at the University club for visiting newsmen ncluding Columnists Earl Wilson and Bob Ruark.

All of the visitors agreed that "it was colossal"--meaning of course, the premiere program which Zanesville has arranged.

The program in front of the Liberty theater will get under way at 7:45 o'clock. The visiting celebrities, including the star, Dick Basehart, will be introduced and Comedian Benny Rubin will serve as master of ceremonies.

At least a half-dozen entrants from scatteed parts of the state were scheduled to compete in the beauty and talent contest in fron of the court house this afternoon.

This city was represented by Alice Burgess, who was chosen "Miss Greater Zanesville" at the Junior Chamber of Commerce dance at the municipal auditorium last night. An estimated 1,200 persons attended the function.

Other entrants will include Jane Yauger of Miami university; Margie Rees, representing Ohio State university; Carlie Hall, Muskingum college; and Dazie Ann Wells, representing the city of Newark after having been chosen "Miss Cycle" by the Paris Tire ad Rubber company of that city.

Today's events also included a noon luncheon program, which included brief talks by Basehart, Louis Bromfield and other celebrities, including Col. Phil Cochran who arrived today.

Cochran, the "Flip Corkin" of Milt Caniff comic strip fame was delayed by bad weather yesterday and was not ablet to attend a luncheon in his honor last night by the American Legion. Bob Ruark, the famous columnist, substituted for the celebrated flier.

A highlight of the festivities to date was the dinner held last night at historic Headley Inn on the West Pike, at which the visiting celebrities included Gov. Thomas J. Herbert.

Louis Bromfield, the novelist, served fried chicked to all of the guests.

Scheduled to arrive early this afternoon for the premiere festivities, were Max Youngstein, director of publicity, advertising and exploitation for Eagle-Lion films; Alfred E. Schwalbert, vice president of Eagle-Lion in charge of males, and Robert Benjamin, president of the J. Arthur Rank organization.

The premiere program, which started on a small scale and built up into a Hollywoodilike extravaganza with few parallels in the history of the fabulous film business, has taken on proportions that were not foreseen, even as recent as a week ago, when the last of the reserved seat tickests were sold for both theaters.

It was reported today, that offers of $5 were being made for single seats at the first showing of the film tonight. There was no scalping in evidence, however, for the reason that the seats had been sold almost exclusively in small blocs.

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