By Ward Marsh

Cleveland Plain Dealer Movie Critic

"Repeat Performance will probaby go down as the year's most unusual melodrama. Here is a fantastic melodrama woven around the lives of artists--a couple of playwrights, a famous actress, a poet, a fine producer and the usual coterie of hangers-on.

The play opens with the actress shooting her husband on New Year's Eve. She is given, wholly unaccountably, a chance to liver her life over again. The solution is different the second time. It may be that some will feel, as I do, that in this "Dear Brutus" type of melodrama the Enchanted Forest would still lend some conviction.

The cast is an expert and gifted one with Louis Hayward playing a half-mad playwright, Joan Leslie appearing as his famous actress-wife and Richard Basehart doing a cracked-poet's role--a part which is unhappily not too convincing. The fault lies with Dear Brutus and his stars and not with Basehart; that is, the author has failed to make the role convincng. But the local boy does however, show trememdous promise, a strong talent and depth of feeling and Eagle-Lion is quite right in anticipating stardom for him.

The support includes Virginia Field, Tom Conway, Bernay Venuta and others. Productions values are very high, a lavish hand having gilded every set. The play has been well directed and a most fitting musical score is a valuable asset.

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