St. Thomas High School, now a grade school.

First floor looking toward front of school, mostly unchanged since Dick was there.

First floor looking toward back of school, mostly unchanged since Dick was there.

Zanesville Signal Times-2nd and Main. No longer there.

East Main Street during the 20's

4th and Main about 1915.

Weller Theatre--site of Repeat Performance premiere

Imlay Florist--Family lived on 3rd floor here.

Door to the apartments upstairs over Imlay's Florist

Harry Basehart, Richard Basehart's brother

Betty Basehart, Richard Basehart's sister

Richard Basehart's Birth Records at St. Thomas

House where Richard Basehart was born. This is just the part of the house that the picture of Dick, Val and Jack sitting on the steps shows.

The entire house as it looks today.

Picture of the 1927 St. Thomas High School Basketball team. (I don't think any of them were on it.)

View from front window of apartment the Basehart's lived from about 1926-1938

Roof where Richard Basehart and a friend George Imlay practiced sword fighting.

Back of the 3rd floor apartment

St. Vincent Church as it looks today.

The only remaining part of the brickwall around the playground at St. Vincent's Orphanage.

Taken from far corner of playground looking towards the buildings

Headley Inn. Where the dinner was held for the Repeat Performance Premiere in May 1947

Picture taken from top of Putnam Hill where they used to play. The rock they sat on is gone. Bulldozed for a road.

Pioneer Hill. Taken from the side of Pioneer Hill looking down at Zanesville. This park has been abandoned.

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