Harry T. Basehart and Clara May ( Mae) Wetherald get married.

Below is the article published in the Zanesville Signal after Harry and Mae ( Richard Basehart's parents ) sprung the surprise on their family and friends. They had married as the article said, "quietly". They got married on Sept. 8, 1909. Betty's daughter actually described it as "in secret". The article said that some of the members of the family didn't know. Actually, most of them didn't know. Mae only told her sister. The Wetherald family was not happy about the marriage. The article is typed out below the picture as the type isn't really legible.

Harry Basehart and Miss Mae Wetherald are Wedded

Young Newspaper Man Springs Surprise on Friends.

Miss Clara Mae Wetherald, the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wetherald, North Maple avenue, and Mr. Harry T. Basehart, a member of the reportorial staff of "The Signal" and one of the best liked as well as capable young newspaper men of the city, were quietly married at 8 o'clock last evening by Rev. Fr. J. A. Shiel at the St. Thomas parsonage. They left at 9:15 o'clock this morning via the W. & L.E. for a two weeks honeymoon trip in the east. They will stop at Cleveland enroute.

It is needless to say that this announcement will occasion genuine surprise. The young couple had planned to make a big surprise and succeeded almost better than they had hoped. Not even some of the members of their immediate families were taken into their confidence. Mr. Basehart did confide in a friend and Deputy Earl G. Dunn in probate court at the llth hour in order to keep the issuing of the license a secret.

Miss Wetherald is a young lady of charming manner and accomplishments. With her winning disposition she has endeared herself to countless friends who will, of course, hasten to extend their congratulations. Mr. Basehart, the groom, is a newspaper man of experience having spent several years in the work in this city and at New Castle, Pa. He has been connected with "The Signal" for almost a year and has become one of the most popular reporters in the city. He is possessed of a voice of unusual sweetness and has appeared at the Casino on several occasions where he met with huge success as a singer.

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