Family Photo Gallery Before 1950

All except one of these pictures on this page are digital pictures of pictures in the Zanesville Signal from over 50 years ago. Therefore the quality isn't the greatest.

A picture of Richard Basehart's parents just after they got married in 1909. One of the few pictures the children had taken with their father, Harry T. Basehart, shortly after their mother Mae (Clara May) Wetherald Basehart died. Dick is in the foreground hamming it up (practicing for the future?) Hubert and Harry are standing on either side of their father. And the charming smiling child being held by their father is Betty.
The four Basehart children, in a picture taken when Dick was six. Left to Right: Hubert, Betty, Harry and Dick. This was taken at a portrait studio when Dick was 7.
Dick, Harry T. and Betty. Dick Basehart was 10 years old when this picture was taken in Pioneer Park. Betty was 6. The Basehart children on a picnic with their father, Harry T. Basehart, posed on the rocks in Putnam Hill while their proud father took a picture. Left to Right: Hubert, Dick, Harry and Betty.
A picture from Jack's album. I do not know the ages in this picture.

Just a little while ago, He walked our streets. And was a part of all we see. And know. No actor then, with "sides" to learn But learning Life; By Lessons hard and slow.

Many's the time we saw him, freckled face and roguish grin, Whistling a well known tune in minor key; Ambition to perform on lighted stage, A cherished dream...a secret deep within. A dream that sometime, someway, he might be, A credit to his town and to his name. And bring to both of them, for all the world to see, A modest but hard-earned and deserving fame. Eleanore Bailey Johnson.

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