In a calm town forgotten by the tourism and the growing economy, in which not even the train stops, a significant group of influential men and the authorities of the villa decides, to stimulate the economy and attract visitors to the locality. They decide to invent a miracle, the appearance of the good thief San Dimas. Although the habitual sarcasm of the Luis GarcĂ­a Berlanga at the beginning is felt to be due to a large extent the slow development of the story (mainly in the first half of film), the script is not up to the story, but the role of San Dimas is magnificently interpreted by Richard Basehart, a North American actor, married to Valentina Cortese who has been in films like " La Strada ", " Moby Dick " and " the Karamazov brothers ". In spite of being held down by the dialogue the last scene of "Los Jueves Milagro" has a social comment and a humorous scene that was made better with an assembly of good actors and a putting in admirable scene, and the result of the cinematographic talent of one of the great directors of the Spanish cinema.

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